So, Confirmation is coming up this Sunday around here, and fortunately, yes, fortunately, I won’t be getting confirmed. Why? I spoke out on my beliefs. I support same-sex marriage, and apparently in the church I was going to be confirmed in (Catholic) doesn’t support it.  A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture that says “Vote No” on Facebook. Fortunately, one of the people that works for the church saw it. That’s when all the good stuff started to happen.

 After I posted that, I got a call the next day from the father from the church. He said that he can’t confirm me because of my picture that I had posted. He supposedly saw it, because someone had shown him or turned it in. I then wondered, “Who could’ve possibly showed him?” That’s when I thought, “That’s right. I have ___ as my friend.” The person that, we think, turned it in works for the church and is my friend on Facebook. 

So many people in my community have been so supportive and I can’t thank them enough. They’re just in awe by what the church has done. They think it’s ridiculous for them to not confirm a student because of their beliefs. I think so, too. I’m not the only ex-worshiper that isn’t going to be confirmed under that church. A friend of mine and his parents are quite upset too by all of this and he won’t be getting confirmed there, either. This church has pushed away a lot of it’s worshipers because they push too hard on their beliefs and won’t change on how they teach things now-a-days. It’s hard to teach religious teachings these days. Either change the way you teach things, or continue losing parishioners. 

The church doesn’t believe in abortion, same-sex marriage, pre-marridal sex, living with each other before marriage, or contraceptives of any kind. Those are the main ones that I don’t agree with 100%. I understand abortion to an extent, but I have exceptions. They don’t believe in contraceptives at all. You mean to tell me that all of the parishioners (75-100+) aren’t using/haven’t used any form of contraceptive? If you are/do/have, the church says, “You’re not a true Catholic.” In fact, most of the students in my Confirmation class have already have pre-marridal sex. They talk about it openly in school and joke about it. Another thing, before you’re married, do you live/plan on living together? If so, you can’t get married in this church. Now, who doesn’t live with each other before marriage these days? C’mon now. Basically the church is saying that you either agree and believe 100% of what the church teaches or you can leave. 90% of that church mine as well just leave because they’re not “true” Catholics.

My question for you guys: Do you think it is right for a church to not confirm a fellow worshiper because of his/her beliefs? 

I’m glad I’m done with that church and am proud of my family and friends for so much support and standing up for me and supporting my beliefs because apparently the church can’t. 

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